How to Create Bitcoin Wallet in Nigeria (Make Money 2020)

by newlygist
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Have you ever thought about starting a cryptocurrency business in Nigeria? Meanwhile today I’ll be explaining from scratch how you can quickly create bitcoin wallet {Btc} and still teach you how to use it make money online.

Creating a BTC wallet isn’t something hard, all you just have to do is to follow my step by step guide. But before that, id like to make you clear of BTC concept.

What is bitcoin?

This is a form of cryptocurrency money without the approval of Central Bank in which you can use to transact with people online.


Before you can create a bitcoin account in NIGERIA you need the followings:

How to Create Bitcoin Wallet

Here’s all what you need to setup/ create Bitcoin wallet in Nigeria:

  • Working Email Address.
  • Signup at
  • Create account
  • Verify your account
  • Install mining software
  • Start making money with bitcoin

Without wasting any of the time, let me quickly dive into the main topic and explain the concept.


Yes, you need a working email address like Gmail before you can be able to set up your BTC wallet. if you don’t have one, you can quickly log to and set one.


After you must have set up your email, the next of action is to log into and signup with your email account.


Signup form has validate your account created. But after you’ve successfully signed up at make sure you check your email account for verification link from blockchain.

After you have successfully signed up, your bitcoin wallet should look like the screenshot below.

create bitcoin wallet

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To make sure your account is safe from hackers, you need to verify it by login to your email account and click verify as shown below

Confirm your bitcoin wallet


For better performance, there are some software you need to keep your wallet updated and for an increase in your crypto.

You can search on google for the best software you would need to earn quick cash.


There are many ways to turn your BTC into cash but I’ll be explaining the best one below:

  • Sell your earned bitcoin to those who need it or at block villa
  • Purchase goods using your blockchain wallet
  • Announce Nairaland


Sell your earned bitcoin to those who need it or at block villa

The easiest way to turn your BTC wallet is to look out for a reliable buyer and sell it through an escrow.

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Purchase goods using your blockchain wallet

It is common among all online e-commerce store with the acceptance of the BTC wallet as the form of payment gateway.

you can just buy valuable things through wallet ID and resell it in your locality.

Announce On  Nairaland

Nairaland is a Nigerian online forum where everyone looks out for the latest updates.

You can quickly sell your hard-earned BTC through this method.

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You can watch this video from a friend to learn how to make money with Bitcoin faucet site.

Wrapping Up On How You Can Create Bitcoin Wallet

Creating Bitcoin wallet is as simple as shown above. I’ll urge you to dully follow the steps very well and do comment if you’re having any difficulties during your registration period.

While most people don’t know Bitcoin still remain legit way to make quick money online, refer to my previous article on how to earn free Bitcoin online.

What are your thoughts on this guide? Don’t forget to use comment box below, share out to interested friends and family.

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