Enjeo Reviews: How To Make Money For Free In Nigeria

by newlygist
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In this guide I’ll teach you how to Make Money Online For Free In Nigeria using Enjeo affiliate program.

Enjeo Reviews

Are you ready to make free money from enjeo reviews? I’ll also reveal all what you need to make $21 after you’ve successfully signed up.

What is Enjeo Affiliate Program?

This is a US affiliate program that promised to pay new user a sum of $21 and still pay $10 for every referral you mad.

You could make up to $100 within 24hrs on this website. What are you still waiting for!

Can i really make $21 from this website?

Yes with your masterCard Atm you could achoeve this. The easiest way to make money online with 1usd card. This is top secret but naija must make money.

How to make money from Enjeo in Nigeria

This is enjeo reviews. All you need to make $21 from Enjeo affiliate program in Nigeria are:

1. USA bank account.. Relax its easy to get ( just sign up here):


2. Use this link and register for your usd referral affliate.


Note: You will be tasked to buy 1 usd worth product or service . per referral you make 10usd and above..


To Register for Enjeo affiliate program kindly follow the procedure below:


  • ensure that you use a US address for it( click here to generate US address https://www.fakeaddressgenerator.com/us_address_generator)
  • After successfully registering you will be redirected to your enjeo dashboard.

Now on your dashboard, click on “Roadside assistance mini plan”

You will be redirected to another website where you will input your Payoneer account details.

Register and fill in your details but use another email.

Then fill in your ATM card details. And submit.

Instantly N365 ($1) will be deducted from your bank account.

Go back to your enjeo account and scroll down and click on “affiliate”.

You will then see $21 in your enjeo account.

You can now copy your referral code and refer others. You get to earn $10 per referral.

Conclusion on Enjeo Affiliate Program in Nigeria

Enjeo is a new website created by US indigenous and it’s been around for like a year now. But Nigerians just discovered a way to earn this token cash from the site.

If you’re finding it difficult to signup kindly download 360 VPN from Google to change your location from Nigeria to USA.

My own advice is that you should try to refer people so that you can keep earning $10 per referral.

Don’t forget to share this with friends and family!

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