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Dropshipping Business Plan: 7 Steps to Get you Started

by newlygist
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In this post, I’ll be giving my best guide on how to prepare dropshipping business plans that will actually make money.

So before I dive into the business plan for drop shipping, there are some terms you need to know for easy understanding of your proposed business plan.

Also you need to start introducing new business ideas into dropshipping. This dropshipping business ideas would make you unique in this business and at the same time drive in more sales for you.

Are you ready to elevate as a dropshipper? If yes, the only road to a successful dropshipping business is to plan it very well before you venture into the business.

Now let’s look at how you as a dropshipper can properly plan your drop shipping business to a successful one before you present it to a real world.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping business plan

To some people they would think it’s all about drop and shipping. But wait, what are we dropping and shipping?

Is it about dropping something at a seaport? Or shipping of goods from one place to another?

Well, so far the meaning is not even in the dictionary that mean the name was formed on a norms. But if you type the word dropshipping on google, search engines would definitely find meaning for it.

Since we’re not concerned about the definition of drop shipping, we only want to discuss on dropshipping business plan which mean dropshipping is a business model.

Ok, let’s look at what is meant by dropshipping before we go on to discuss about drop shipping business plan.

Dropshipping as a business model

Some people would say with their experience with Internet they’ve not come across what is called dropshipping business talk less of planning to venture into dropshipping.

I’m making it so simple and easy to read like this because of those who have no knowledge about dropshipping business before.

Meanwhile, dropshipping business is a business model where by a person stand as dropshipper and sell what he/she doesn’t have in store.

In a simple language, dropshipping is a type of business where by you stand as a middleman between buyer and a seller to sell what you don’t have in your store.

In this business you act as a third man between producer or seller and sell the product online to someone or buyer who would like to buy the product

Now that you know what dropshipping is all about, won’t you take some time to know how to plan a successful drop shipping business and make cool money online.

Dropshipping Business plan

Below are the effective planning for a successful dropshipping business:

  1. Understand the concept of Dropshipping.
  2. Find a good dropshipping niche.
  3. Search for a good reliable supplier
  4. Create your landing page
  5. Set up your drop shipping payments gateway
  6. Promote your product online.
  7. Start making cool money as a dropshipper.

Now let’s look at it one after the other!

Understand the concept of Dropshipping

Do you know what I mean by the sentence “Understand the concept of drop shipping” Probably NO right?

Ok let me shed more light on it.

Before you take a step to venture into any business be it online or offline, you must first look for a way to understand what the business is all about and how to get started as a beginner.

As a beginner on drop shipping business you need to read detail articles on how to start a dropshipping business but unfortunately none of the online articles give practical guide on how to get started.

That’s so sad right? The truth is they all want to make money which mean you need to enroll for their training.

Though that’s how thing works. Don’t you know once you know the practical aspect of this dropshipping business you will start making cool money online?

In lieu of this, we also have a very detailed ebook with images and visual demonstration to guide you to a successful dropshipper.

Normally we sell the ebook at the rate of $50, but currently we’re doing promo which make us to slash the price from $50 to $25.

What you will learn in our Dropshipping ebook?

  • You will learn how to do research for hot selling niche that can drive in more sales for your business.
  • How to create e-commerce store for your drop shipping business.
  • How to successfully create PayPal account that would enable you to receive payment from all over the world.
  • How to look out for a good supplier on your niche.
  • How to do keyword research for your product so that you can get free customers from google search engine.
  • 7 free ways to promote your product which will make your sales rise up like a bread.

All these for $25 only, what are you still waiting for? Kindly contact us for your ebook.

Find a good Dropshipping Niche

When starting a drop shipping business It is very important you have a stable niche, money making niche of which will be a less competitive one.

So many people has quite from drop shipping business because their chosen niche aren’t driving in money for them.

Niche is very important, and also don’t do a multi niche business. Stay in one side, once people know you with one niche it would be of great advantage to you as well.

People don’t like dropshippers with a multi niche. Today they would sell shoe, tomorrow you’ll see them with wrist watch. That’s so bad!

No one would ever trust you if you don’t base on a niche which may result to no sales to your business.

In one word, Niche is very important and when choosing a niche make sure it is not the one with less market quality. You know what I mean by that? You should the one people would always want to or ready to buy.

Why would you stress your self searching for this? While our experts are ready to help you out!

Kindly contact us for hot 🔥 selling niche that willl surely work for you no mater where your reading this from.

Search for a Reliable Supplier

After you must have chosen your niche the next of action is to look out for a reliable and good supplier.

When you hear of drop shipping, what comes to your mind are Oberlo, Aliexpress, Alibaba, Shopify and so on.

Yes they are all examples of drop shipping suppliers, you just need to visit each of their sites and check if you’re okay with their products price list.

Before you choose a company as your supplier consider these 3 important factors:

  1. Price of their products.
  2. Time at which they deliver goods.
  3. Their return & money refund policy.

These 3 factors are crucial If you want to become successful in this drop shipping business. Let me shed more light on the aforementioned factors.

Price of their products:

It is a must for you whenever you think about giving dropshipping business plan a trial, to always take of your supplier products prices.

If your supplier prices are very high, it is advisable to look for another reliable supplier with less cost of products because of your customers.

Time at which they Deliver Goods

Yes it is part of dropshipping business plan to always take note on the time at which their supplier deliver goods. Don’t go for suppliers that would delay your product!

Ideally every buyers expect their products to get to their place within 3-7 days, byt if goes beyond this days it may result to losing of customers.

Return And Refund Policy

It is essential you know your suppliers refund and return policy before you start business with them because some of your buyers might want to return any goods for a refund.

If your supplier don’t accept return and refund policy then that’s a big issue for you as a drop shipper. Though we all know dropshipping business is a business with no or little risk but sometimes if care Is not taken you might end up losing out some cash.

Don’t forget we’ve promised to provider you with a good and reliable supplier. Which mean $25 would save you all the stress.

Create your landing page

When you’re writing a dropshipping business plan, it is very important to include or plan where your customer will land to. This is a place where all your available products would b display.

Normally, there are 3 ways to create a landing page which are:

  • Create with Shopify plan
  • Create with WordPress
  • Create with social media handle.

Theses are the three popular ways of displaying ones products to the world. Lets look at how they work.

Shopify plan- One of the dropshipping business plan

When starting dropshipping business the best way is to create your atore with Shopify. They have 7 days free trial which you can use to create your store.

After 7days of trial, you’d need to opt in for their monthly plan which cost $29, though not everyone can afford this option.

Create your e-commerce store with WordPress

WordPress is another platform which would enable you to create e-commerce with the help of alidropship plugin.

You either create it your self If you’re a techy one or you give it to expert to handle your work.

Our expert ate ready to create you e-commerce site of a good quality at subsidize price, all you need ot just take give them thee name you’d like to use and within 7 working days you will get your work.

They also promise to make sure the website get all what SEO need. Which mean you will rank for your niche keywords on search engines.

This will increase your sales and grow your business well. You can contact them here.

Create with Social media handle

Social media like Instagram are best use for drop shipping landing page.

Set up your dropshipping payment gateway

Dropshipping business plan with option for payment gateway is effort futility. Ask me why? It is because at the end of all transactions our customers would end up paying us.

What if the payment gateway we provided isn’t an international one, what would happen to that transactions? Definitely the transaction would suffer complete transactions.

You can’t expect white people to pay in naira. So you have to be careful when setting up your payment gateway.

The best one I’ll recommend for you is PayPal. Almost all countries support PayPal.

How to promote your dropshipping store?

When you’re doing a dropshipping business plan always consider how to promote your products also. It is of good benefit to decide on how to promote your product prior to launching the brand.

There are many ways to promote your dropshipping business but some popular ways are:

  • Facebook ads
  • Twitter ads
  • Instagram ads
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Google search engine etc.

Conclusion on Dropshipping business plan

As you can see above, dropshipping has no risk which makes it so special among all online businesses. You don’t need to have millions before you can venture into it.

Though if you don’t have any knowledge about the business you might lose out. Don’t forget to purchase our ebook which we guarantee 12 days money back if not ok with the book

what are your thoughts on this great article that explain in detail on dropshipping business plan and how to get started? Don’t forget to share with other drop shippers you know!

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