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Do you wish to place advert on ?

Meanwhile, we have a range of pricing we’re using to make sure we duly satisfy our customers target.

We have two ways of placing ads on our site which are:

  1. Ads by placing your brand banner
  2. Ads by writing article for your brand and optimize it for SEO

I think I should elaborate more on this? OK read below.

1. Ads By Placing Your Brand’s Banner

This is a type of advertisements in which we’ll help you place your brand’s banner on our site. We do place place banner ads inside our posts, website’s header and more sensitive place.

Though the price are not the same. But we guarantee you 10,000 daily impression (views) and we’ll make sure we target the right audience for you.

If you don’t have a banner for your brand yet, don’t worry that’s not issue and it’s part of what people choose to place ads on our site. We’ll surely create one for you and make sure it goes along with your brand.

2. Ads By Writing Article For Your Brand And Optimize It For SEO

Before we dive to explain more on this, I’d like to let you understand what SEO is all about and why you really need it to grow your brand.

What does SEO mean?

SEO is a short form of writing Search Engine Optimization and this is considered the best way to reach out to more customers through the internet.

A well optimised post is one that appears on Google, bing, and more other search engines.

How We Work On Your Post?

We’ll firstly gather all the information we need from you and start writing a well optimize article that will surely show up on Google’s search engine and other search engines.

We’ll also make sure we link our ranked article to it and recommend your product to our readers.

If your product post rank well on Google’s search engine, there is a tendency you may be getting up to 1,000 – 5,000 daily clicks and from there you gain more organic customer. I mean most serious ones!

What are you still waiting for? Try and reach out to us to place your ads.

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