It is no more a news that some people still search the internet WHAT IS UPWORK or HOW DOES UPWORK WORK. Well it’s better to do more research on what you have no knowledge about than being an ignorant.

There was a time my client offered me a job to build him a business website in which he can use to sell recharge card (Airtime) data bundle, pay online bills and lot more. As a tech man, though I never build something of such before but I had to do real time research and look for how it is been built.

After so many researches, I got to know how it works and what I need to execute the job. I tried it and it worked well wow! I got Impressed and since then I never understimate online research.

Internet is a crucial tools you need to master if you want to succeed your goal. I told you about my past because I want you to take online research more serious.

So for you to ask the internet WHAT IS UPWORK or another sort of question like HOW DOES UPWORK WORK is a great move to start your online freelance mission and it makes things easy for because the internet will tell you all what you need to get started as a freelancer on upwork and make you good money.

Without no ado, let me walk you through how does upwork works and what upwork is all about. So today you will learn everything about upwork and I’m pretty sure this will ginger you to start making money on upwork.

In this blog post I will be explaining from scratch what is upwork and how does upwork work.

What is Upwork?

what is upwork and how does upwork work

Upwork which was formerly known as Elance-oDesk is a worldwide platform where by business personnel and independent professionals meet and work remotely. This platform has been on existence for decade bearing Elance-oDesk, but in the year 2015 it was rebranded and named to be upwork.

This great platform has helped lots of people globaly. Right from 2003 that the platform was created, independent professionals have take the advantage to make figure8 remotely.

The brain box behinde this platform is Hayden Brown (CEO) while Thomas layton is the chairman. Upwork is a registered organization based in Carlifornia, United states.

As at the time of writing, this platform (upwork) has fifteen million registered freelancers and also seven million registered clients.

By now you should understand what upwork is all about and that answered to your question; what is upwork. But as an expert in this game, let me give you more information on what upwork is all about.



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If you ever dream of working remotely then upwork should be your plug. This platform is of two parts which are;

I want to work section and I want to hire section.

As a professional in your field, that wishes to make cool money on Upwork, you would need to create work account. That is, you would choose I want to work while processing your registration.

For example let’s say I’m a professional writer and I wish to participate in Upwork to make extra money online then I will log to their official website (www.upwork.com) and select get start then you should I WANT TO WORK as your option.

This will make your account a freelancer account and help you to connect with those who need your services.

What is upwork and how does upwork work

I hope you get it right? Good! Let’s take a look at HOW DOES UPWORK WORK and we round up.

How does Upwork work?

There is nothing bad asking how does upwork works, but getting the right information should be your utmost concern. What I will be revealing to you today is 100% correct and you rarely come across article like this on the internet.

After knowing what is upwork or what upwork is all about, I know your next move would br how you can make money from upwork platform.

No don’t take step like that, you need to know and understand how upwork works before proceeding to making money from the platform.

Now how does upwork works?

Upwork works in the sense that you as a business person go along to upwork.com post a certain work you need professional/expert in that field to work out for you.

After posting the work, a freelancer will apply and you reach an agreement but the platform management will serve as a middle man in between you and the freelancer you wish to offer the job.

After successful work the freelancer will able to cash out the money and you write a review about what he/she have done for you as work.

Likewise if you’re a freelancer that wish to stream across upwork and make reasonable amount of money;

You would need to choose I WANT TO WORK while registering your account. This will let you to select 10 good skills you can handle very well and after successful approval you will be able to submit a proposal for any job you see on the platform.

Upwork will start reviewing your account immediately you submit your profile and it take 24hours for them to review your account.

Though as an expert in this field, there is a way to bypass this 24hrs review and get instant approval within minutes. At times it’s instant approval (within seconds)

We can help you with instant approval and still give you some hints to win your first job. But this is not a free work, though we charge as low as N3,000 (5 Dollars) wow! All these for that price? Yes its in our plan to help others make money online.

Upon successful approval, you need to set personalize profile to your area of expertise. You would be given free 20 connects to bid for a work.

Now this is it, every job posted on upwork has total number of connect you can use to apply and ounce you submit a work proposal, the number of your connect reduces.

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Meaning that connects would be very essential and serves as a fuel to your account. The whole thing is very sweet, I won my first job a month after I submitted proposal. I’ve even lose hope until I saw I’ve been granted the job.

So you need to be smart, patient and hardworking. If properly managed, you can earn $1000 weekly or even more.


Apart from the fact that upwork makes you more money, it also give you more insight and build you up in your chosen skills.

When I first heard of upwork, I thought it was a scam or scammers platform but when I gave it a trial I found out the beauty.

Like you can see above, I’ve explained what upwork is and how does upwork works. So the rest is left to you to make a reasonable move.

Don’t forget we can help you with upwork account approval, also we sell already approved upwork account at an affordable price ($10/ N3,000)

This is how we work;

You firstly need to chat with us on whatsapp or you send us a mail message to Newlygist@gmail.com

Tell us if you would want to buy already approved account or we should work on your own.

If you preferred a new account, you would need to send the following details to us:

  • Your full name as appeared on your bank account.
  • A clear passport of you.
  • Your home address
  • Your preferred skills
  • Phone number and email address.
  • Your state of residence and the city.

That’s all and you get your account approved 30 minutes after we reached agreement.

If you would want payment after the work option then we charge 5k and we send you a screenshot of your approved account.

What are you still waiting for? Kindly contact us for more details.

What are your thoughts on this great insight on how does upwork work and what is upwork? Don’t forget to share this to share with friens and family!


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