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by Toshmoney

Are you looking for a way to write for us and get paid ? Don’t worry we always welcome new writers with a good writing skill.

Since its humble beginnings in 2018, Newlygist was created to inform, inspire and engage the web community through informative content. We’ve amassed more than 100 thousands readers per month and produced more than 1,000 books and articles combined.

We always welcome having new writers join our contributor pool. They must have a strong desire to produce quality content with actionable advice that readers can apply in their own projects.

In return, we pay our writers above industry rates for their work.

What kind of content do we publish?

Each month, we produce a hub. We duly on how to make money, how to do this and that. If you know you’re talented with writing skill, you can grab this opportunity.

We welcome all ideas especially those based on Business tips and how to do’s to write for us.

Generally, the content required for each hub is determined in advance by the hub editor, and assigned to available authors. We welcome ideas from authors as hubs enter their planning phase, but pitching specific article ideas no longer forms a core part of our editorial process.

Expressions of interest to write for us

Below you’ll find a contact us link you can use to tell us about yourself. If you’re a good fit, we’ll add you to our contributor pool. When editors begin planning upcoming hubs, they’ll put out a call for interest to the contributor pool, seeking authors with the relevant expertise.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do, which technologies and web skillsets you have expertise in, and point us towards some of your existing written work.

Hubs require us to produce up to 40 pieces of content in a given month, all of them closely related and building on one another, with very little margin for these projects to go into overtime. As such, before you send us your expression of interest, we ask you to consider whether you’re willing to meet the demands of this kind of project. We’ll need you to:

  • Be fully committed to completing any articles you agree to write
  • Live and die by the mantra on time, every time
  • Not simply care about hitting word count targets – you care deeply about ensuring your reader receives all the knowledge needed to effectively tackle real-world problems afterwards.

What you gain?

If your article meet our criteria and we finally approve it, we pay $40 per approved article and at the same time we link a backlink to your website.

Are you ready to work ? If yes contact us now!

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