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How to make money online with ClixSense | Tips and trick

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When it comes to money making, ClixSense is one of the best way to make money online as it does not requires much stress but not everyone aware of it.

ClixSense is a website that is suitable or fit to be relied on, which pays you to complete surveys, watch videos, answer questions, do simple tasks and refer your friends.  So today I will be giving you my complete guide on how to make money online with ClixSense. Just follow me 


  • What does ClixSense mean?
  • Is ClixSense a scam ?
  • Steps involves making money online with ClixSense
  1. Register as a member
  2.  Update your information on the site
  3. Do complete Surveys
  4. Complete figure eight tasks
  5. Add withdrawal method
  6. ClixSense Affiliate program (referrals)

What does CLIXSENSE mean ?

The best way you can actually make money online is to join the available website that pays you for complete surveys. ClixSense is a GPT (Get Pay To) website that rewards all its members for completing a surveys online, answer questions, watch sponsored videos, playing games and doing some simple online tasks.

Is ClixSense a scam?

I must confess to you, ClixSense is a LEGIT and RELIABLE website that pays its members their earnings when they have  reach a threshold of atleast $10 and it has been recorded that ClixSense have paid out over $40 million to thousands of members on their platform. They are among the popular websites on the internet. That is it’s ranked very well on Alexa.

According to research, ClixSense has said to have been in existence as far back as 2007 which means they have spent 12 years working well. So on the issue of scam or no scam the major things is TRUST as there are numerous scam online money making websites out there that waste people’s time by promise to do this and that and at the end of the day they end up cashing out nothing. But there are also few websites that are actually legit and reliable. And ClixSense is part of them in fact, it appears on the first 10 list.

Below are some reasons that render ClixSense to be a legit website

  1. Easy Cashout/ Withdrawal :

The first things to take note when choosing a make money online website is to look for easily cash out or easy withdrawal. With ClixSense you can easily cash out your earnings when you have reach a threshold of at least $10 and you get your money within 5 days.

  1. It is not limited to people from major countries:

Unlike other GPT (Get Pay To) websites that are limited to people from major countries like United Kingdom, United State, Australia, Canada, Malaysia etc ClixSense allows everyone to participate no matter your country. You can make money online on ClixSense from Nigeria, Canada, Togo, UK, US, Saudi Arabia and all over the world. If you from UK, US, Canada, Malaysia and Australia you can make more money on ClixSense due to your high IP. We don’t just write article on this topic, we have tried it and found to be trusted. So in a simple statement, ClixSense is not a scam.

Steps involves making money online with ClixSense

1. Register as a member

ClixSense is very straight forward when comes to registration, it is very easy to register. The first step is to join. You can click on this link to join ClixSense
When you get to their website you would be provided with a form to fill out

Just after you complete filling the form, they will send a validation link (to confirm you’re not a robot) to the email address you provided. Check your email you will find a link click on it and you will be directed to ClixSense login portal

2. Update your information on their site

Once you’ve completed your registration, the next step to take is to update your profile. Though they will bring it come for you, i will advice to type in correct information because ClixSense is very sensitive, they will surely get you if you lie about your identity and you may totally lose your account. So you need to input a correct info.

3. Do Complete Surveys

The best way you can really make money online with ClixSense is to do complete surveys, this point is very important because if you skip it then you’ll miss out a lot of good surveys ( high paid ones )

Click the Survey tab and select the Survey profile tab below it.

Make Money Online With ClixSense - Clixsense Survey Profile

After that you’ll see a popup, answer all the questions you see accordingly and click “Close” when your done

4. Complete Figure Eight Tasks

Another way to make money from ClixSense is to complete Figure eight task.  When you login to your ClixSense account, you will see Figure Eight tasks  or tasks on the main menu and complete as many as you can. See Screenshot.

Click on tasks on the top menu or Figure Eight tasks on the account summary page
Once you navigate there, you will find different tasks to complete. The money you earn here will be small. But the good thing is, there is a weekly contest where the person with the most completed task wins $100. So, if you spend enough time there completing tasks, apart from the money you make completing task, you can also make more by wining the weekly contest.

 5. Take Surveys & Other Offers

Once your survey profile is complete, you can now start completing surveys and other offers to make earnings.

Make Money Online With ClixSense - CLIXSENSE SURVEY PAGE
clixsense tasks

There are different offers you can complete and some offer better pay than others ( More on this below )

 6. Add Withdrawal Method

Since you’ve started earning, it would be advisable to setup your preferred setup method now so your earnings don’t get stuck once you’ve reached the Clixsense withdrawal threshold of $10.

Click Here To Register
Clixsense Withdrawal payment methods

You can select any of the four payment methods but, i recommed skrill as its the only one i’ve used so far.

 7. Clixsense Affiliate & Referral ( Invite Your Friends to Earn )

Another method of making money online with Clixsense is by referring other people to the platform. You get a whooping 30% of what ever your friends earn for life. If your friend is making $20 weekly via clixsense, you’ll be creditied with $6 without any work.

Clixsense Affiliate Program for Multiplying Earnings from Paid Surveys
Click Here To Register | ClixSense Login

Now imagine you refer 10 friend and they earn a minimum of $10 weekly, you would be making $6 x 10 which is $60 per week & $240 monthly without any work.


Clixsense is clearly a real way to make money online but it actually depends on you, if your willing to put in the work then you’ll surely make money from this. You can earn up to $500 or more a month with ClixSense if you are consistence and work hard on it. If you are not a very patient person, this might not be for you. Your best bet will be working on tasks when there are no Surveys.  If you can win the weekly $100 once and complete some surveys and tasks, plus earning from your referrals, it is very possible to hit over $500 a month with your spare time.
So if you’ve not join yet, you can click on this link to join ClixSense

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