Aug 122019
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A voting poll is way of asking questions through a social platform for the audeinces to vote by selecting the answers of their choice.
Creating a voting poll on social media platforms can be very interesting and enticing. I had previously written an article on how to create a voting poll with images on Facebook and Telegram. So, since whatsapp is one of the most used and popular social media app, I have decided to write an article on how to create a voting poll on whatsapp group chats to enhance more users experience and keep your group member engaged.

Creating a voting poll on WhatsApp comes with a different technique, which is quite different from that of Facebook and Telegram. This is because whatsapp doesn’t have any feature that can enable you easily create a voting poll, just like Facebook and Telegram has. But there is certainly a way to create a voting poll on whatsapp.

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So, if you run a WhatsApp group chat, and you really want to create a voting poll for your members to vote, then that’s exactly what this article is all about.

Like we all know, whatsapp has no poll vote features. So, to create a voting poll on Whatsapp, you need to use an online voting tool.

This tool or platform helps you create a professional voting poll with ease, and it has a share bottom where you can easily share your already created poll to your members on Whatsapp to participate in the voting contest.

Without wasting much of your time. Let’s go down to business on simple techniques to create a voting poll on WhatsApp.
How To Create A Voting Pool On WhatsApp.

To create a successful voting poll on WhatsApp, I use an online voting tool called Opinion Stage. With this wonderful tool, you can create unlimited polls from scratch, quizzes, surveys and many more with ease. It doesn’t really need any technical experience. Even someone who is new to the internet can use this tool.

This promising tool, enables you create a professional voting poll with ease. Add to your site, app & social media and track results & performance

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It also enables you use their optimized landing pages.

How do I create a voting poll on WhatsApp with Opinion stage?. It’s easy, all you have to do is follow our guide below.

Step 1 Click on OpinionStage poll creation form.

Step 2 Fill in the poll form. By entering the poll question and the answer options. You can add an Image if you like. Then Click on “Create” to create your poll.

Step 3 Click on “Embed & Share“.

Step 4 Click on “Link“. Then click on “Copy” to copy the link.

Step 5 Then Paste the link in your whatsapp group.

You’re done.

When members click on the link, it takes them to the voting poll page, where they can vote by clicking the options of their choice.

In Conclusion

WhatsApp has no voting poll feature of it’s own for now. This is the best way you can create a voting poll on WhatsApp. But we hope that poll vote will surely be one of the news features to be added in whatsApp in their future updates. 

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