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Google AdSense alternative: How To Make At Least $1,000 Monthly Online

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If you’re here today, it’s certainly you came across this article online. Either you’re a blogger who earn through website or not i will reveal some Google AdSense alternative tips you can use to make at least $1,000 every month with the  use of social media at your convince time at home.

You’re so surprise when you saw my headline and you think about giving it a review. Don’t be surprise because a lot of people are making bastard money online in a coded way and you would think they indulge in money ritual or something else bad.

We don’t need to start giving unnecessary explanation, because your expectation right now is for me to just dive into the main point. Good!

Regardless of the opportunities provided by the internet, some people still don’t know how to make a dime online which is very bad. We all know the situation of this country, even though you have a job at hand currently that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for another sure side business.

In lieu of this, there is a vast lucrative way to certainly make money online whether you own a blog or not. And this is only known as AFFILIATE MARKETING !

What is Affiliate marketing?

Literally, it is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.
“most of my earnings are from affiliate marketing, direct ad sales, and sponsored posts” Also, wikipedia defined it as a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.
But Toshmoney defined it as a performance based network where a person who shares an affiliate link gets rewarded with some cash for each person that either makes a purchase, signs up, or carries out some action the affiliate program requires through your link.
Am giving you all these definition so that you can know what affiliate marketing really is, because all what you would learn today will purely based on how you can make at least $1,000 monthly using affiliate marketing as google AdSense alternative for bloggers and those want to make money online.
Google Adsense on the other hand is one way to make money online, but it largely involves you having a very high traffic before any reasonable returns can be made.

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If you are blogger either you have AdSense account or you have not even got approval from google due to their silly policy, i recommend you start monetize your blog/website through affiliate marketing because of the following reasons.

Between google AdSense and affiliate marketing which one is best?

Probably when you start up your blog at first you were busy searching the internet, looking for how to monetize your blog and suddenly you come across google AdSense. You applied for it and they denied you approval up to some moments of attempt. That’s the bad news about google AdSense. Though I’m not condemning their services because am still using their offer by placing ads on this blog. But the fact still remain that they are strict and they don’t really approve anyhow application because they have had a wide publisher on their list.
Well, i don’t have time to waste on this, let me quickly show you some reasons why you should have to switch to google AdSense alternative and start earning through affiliate marketing:

  • Google AdSense is very strict when come to approval while some affiliate market don’t require stress, you just need to signup and start making your cash.
  • You can’t earn lots of money if you don’t have a good traffic (probably from US UK Canada and so on) that will generate click on the ads in your blog, but with that your low traffic and well written and informative articles you can earn at least upto $1,000 monthly through affiliate network and earn 10 times money Google AdSense advertiser would earn.
  • Without violating Google AdSense rules you can just wake up and met google disapproval mail, while their is nothing like that in affiliate marketing.
  • Apart from all these, ads place by are always annoying to visitors or audience that is reading our post and by then people sometimes install adblocker which can reduce your chance of earning even when you get upto 1,000 views on a post. But in affiliate market, it is always perfect. You refer your audience to purchase a service from your affiliate market and you got rewarded.

Can you now see the beauty ? Good! You see i must confess to you, if you’re just starting up blogging shun Google AdSense for now, try and create unique organic traffic from search engine and by then you have successful in blogging because apart from the number of traffic you would be getting, it will also give you a chance of getting contacted all over the world.

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Choosing affiliate network is a welcoming idea which all professionals in blogging field have recommend. People like Neil Patel the CEO at crazy egg don’t even recommend using google adsense because of its disturbances. He mentioned it in one of his post that he bought a very ranked domain name together with adsense account from a friend and he removed the adsense because he don’t need it.
So below  are my top 15 affiliate program you can join that can get you earning a substantial monthly income sooner than you think. Also, I’ve added some other ways to make money online through online freelance work you could take advantage of.

  1. Payooner
  2. ClixSense
  3. Adfly
  4. Cashpiggy
  5. Fiverr
  6. Freelancer
  7. Exoclick
  8. Adnow
  9. Adbooth
  10. Themeforest
  11. Depositphotos
  12. PropellerAds
  13. Template monster
  14. Share cash
  15. Ipages

OK now let’s look at it all one by one:
1. Payooner Apart from the fact that payooner is like PayPal account in which you can use to withdraw your earnings from the internet (basically affiliate program). Payooner it self also affiliate program in which you refer your friends, family and visitors to your blog to register with payooner and then they reward you $25 for every organic referral. That mean if you are able to refer at least 40 people within a month you have automatically earn $1,000.

How to register payooner

You can register your payooner account by clicking on this link, when you get to their main portal you will have to fill a form in which they create your account for you.
After your account has been created, on the main menu locate your right hand side and click on the option menu, here you will find a section for affiliate program click on it and they will automatic create your affiliate link for you which you will be using to invite people and start making bastard money.
2. Clixsense Not quite long, i wrote a detail and very comprehensive guildline on how to make money online with ClixSense which about 3000 people have signed up using my referral link and this has generat me a lot of cash.
ClixSense is a  GPT (Get Pay To) website that rewards all its members for completing a surveys online, answer questions, watch sponsored videos, playing games and doing some simple online tasks. Whenever you refer people to ClixSense you get %30 of their earnings that is If your friend is making $20 weekly via clixsense, you’ll be creditied with $6 without any work. If you want to learn more about ClixSense please CLICK HERE.
3. Adfly
Adfly provides one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet. It works with you shortening a url by using their url shortening service instead of other url shortening services. Let’s say you want to share the url on social media, what you’d do is to sign in to your account, paste the url in the large text box, and shorten it to Every time someone clicks the link, Adfly pays you.

So if you ever want to share a link to any news, website, or whatever on any social network, rather than wasting the opportunity by sharing the original link, copy the link and shrink it on Adfly to earn money every single time someone clicks it. You can even increase your sharing ratio on Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, LinkedIn, BBM, and several other social media platforms. Click here to join Adfly

4. Cashpiggy Just like clixsense, Cashpiggy is another great way to make money online. They offer a number of surveys for people to carry out, ads for people to view, and games for people to play. For every activity completed, you’d earn a certain amount of money. Also, when you refer a friend to use the service, you’d always earn a percentage of whatever that friend earns for life!
Note you must be 18+ before you can join.
5. Fiverr
Fiverr is an online market place where by you offer a freelance job and you earn a good amount. But apart from being a freelance website they still offer affiliate program where by you invite your friend and you earn up to $15 to $50 per successful acquisition. So if you have one skill or the other you can earn extra on fiverr
6. Freelancer Just like fiverr, freelancer is a subsidiary to fiverr where by you work as an expert in your field by offer a freelance job to client and they reward you for your good work. So they also have affiliate program in which along side enable you make more money by inviting people through your referral link.
Click here to start freelance

7. Exoclick
Exoclick is an advertising network which enable content, author and blogger place advert on their site by providing short html code which later display ads. Just like other Google Adsense alternatives, you can monetize your website and blog with ExoClick. You can also join their referral program and earn 5% off every friend or colleague you refer for life!
8. Adnow
Adnow is an alternative to admob, it works in the sense that they serve ads on your native app and you earn money for every click. Apart from serving ads they also leave a room for affiliate program in which they pay you for every refer. Click here to join adnow
9. Adbooth
This is also Google adsense alternative, an advertising network which enable you to advertise both your website and mobile app. They don’t only perform this but they also give a room for referral in which you earn %5 of what the person you refer earn. You can join Adbooth here
10. Themeforest
If you’re using WordPress you ought to have familiar with theme forest. This is a market place where you can buy your premium WordPress theme and also they offer affiliate program.  If you have some programming language skill you can start coding WordPress theme and sell it out to people on theme forest. So the referral link brings in %30 of your sales. Click here to join
11. Depositphotos
Depositphotos is a stock photo website where photographers can sell their professional photos. If you’re a talented photographer, you can take advantage of this and earn a substantial income monthly through the sale of your stock photos.

Also, affiliate marketers can take advantage of the affiliate program offered by DepositPhotos and earn a 30% commission on any sale they bring in.
12. PropellerAds
This is another advertisement network which enable blogger to monetize their website by displaying ads. This is Google AdSense alternative and also they offer affiliate program in which you can earn up to %50 from publisher’s revenue who register on propeller ads website through your referral link. Click here to join
13. Template monster
TemplateMonster operates similarly to themeforest as a martketplace for the purchase and sale of web templates and related products. You can also engage in their affiliate program by taking advantage of their offer and earning as high as 30% of the value of any themesold through your affiliate link.

For example, if a theme that’s purchased through your link costs $50, 1,000 sales through that link would amount to $15,000 in revenue for you

14. Share cash
ShareCash is another Google AdSense alternative that help you monetize your free content (e.g eBooks, videos, audiobooks, etc) by prompting your readers to unlock it before the download can start. Every time a reader downloads one of your free contents, ShareCash pays you about $0.3 to $1. So If you get 1,000 unique downloads in a day at $1, you could make $1,000 everyday.

ShareCash also offers an affiliate marketing program where you can earn 5% of what your referral makes for life!And for every 10 active referrals you get, you’ll earn an extra 1%, up to a maximum of 12%.

So if 10 your referrals are each making about $1,000 a month, you’d make $50 each from them, amounting to $500. The more referrals you get, the more money you make.

15. Ipage
Ipages is a web hosting company just like bluehost and domainking, godaddy and so on. Ipage is a vast lucrative affiliate marketing opportunity to people that get accepted into their affiliate marketing program, because they solely accept website look professional. For each sign up you refer to them, they could pay you up to $108 dollars.

So if you can get 100 people to sign up on Ipages in a month, you’d make $10,800. If you get 1,000 people, you’d make $108,000.


Do you still need Google AdSense? Absolutely no right. Good ! Meanwhile, all these affiliate marketing listed above require hard work. Work hard so that you can earn more than $1,000 monthly to see the beauty of using Google AdSense alternative.
Thanks for reading, use the comment button to drop all the questions you wish to ask and we’ll surely give answer in less than an hour.

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