Aug 242019
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Given the deplorable state of agriculture in the development indices few decades ago, one can come to reach a conclusion that youth active participation is a key instrument towards liberating the economy of most developing countries.

This has prompted the CAMPUS AGRICULTURE NETWORK to bring forth various initiatives to cater for,and research the needs of youths in Agriculture and it’s related studies while aiming at a more prosperous Agriculture. Hitherto,the platform has collaborated with various organisations and has severally organised  sponsored seminars workshops and advocacy programs.

Campus agriculture network

Are you a Young Agricultural Professional (less than 40)?
Do you wish to anchor or  Organise an online event?
Do you wish to attend an Organised  capacity building opportunity for young professionals in Agricultural Development?
Or do you wish to take action to broadcast the voice of youth on issues in Agricultural Development in different forums? And perhaps, implement activities to address the declining interest in agriculture among young people?
…Or, if you have other exciting ideas, Then the campus Agriculture Network is your community! join us!
We are a team that foster Agricultural development whilst improving technical know how of youths in Agriculture through specific online capacity trainings and seminars. We believe youths is a key instrument towards Agricultural prosperity and that’s why we’ve chosen to enlighten and ultimately improve the literacy of our young professionals.

“ That’s great, but how do we do that concretely?”, you say.

Simply Contribute to or initiate e-discussions on topics that matter to you, related to youth and agriculture  on our forums and register for our sponsored trainings,masterclasses, workshop, fellowships amongst other intellectual developments trainings. You got a lot of interesting packages to benefit from this initiative. Trust us!

You can as well Join CAN Social Media Team (SMT), our on-line group of more than 200 people. We spread youth messages or important information for young people in agriculture, and we contribute to discussions, on social media. All you have to do is follow and like our page on Facebook and join our conversation on twitter.
Join our what’s app group chat by clicking HERE
We’ve been  Organizing  several educative seminars, webinars and trainings years ago and Since then, we have continued to support this trend and encourage students, staff, and corporate employees to learn more about improving food system and productivity in one of the best ways possible: by growing food themselves.  Creating the Campus Agriculture Network is a piece of our larger mission to change the face of Nigerian agriculture, by enhancing virtual and practical learning of Agriculture,  it’s practices and an integrated use of  ICT in Agriculture.  We are delighted to play that role in a network that we hope you’ll make your own way to your career as well as promoting sustainable development through Agriculture as the Motto denotes.
We hereby call for members that are  very ethical and serious-minded people willnwi and ready to learn, grow, network and meet new people all in the cause of promoting a sustainable agriculture. Click HERE to join us!
Best wishes,
Al-Mustapha Ibrahim I
Campus Agriculture Network Team.

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