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Updated : Aug 24, 2019 in Make money

A Very Easy Way To Make 20,000 Naira Monthly in Nigeria

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make 20,000 Naira monthly online in Nigeria

I have published lot of posts about how to make money online but this one is a very easy way to make 20,000 Naira monthly online in Nigeria , Ghana South Africa and all African countries.

Its a very sure way if you follow my guidelines you won’t regret using this method.

You will see some people saying blogging is the very best way to make cool money online in Nigeria. Yes they are right but there exist some other things you can do to make cool money online at the comfort of your home.

If you really here for this parole, you need to read this guidelines to the end and try to understand the basics.

If your an active reader of this blog you should remember I’ve post something about joining affiliate program, doing surveys, become professional freelance writer and many more as a way to earn money online. But today I’ll be talking about the latest one in town which is the app known as The Ranger.

Becoming active on The Ranger can be another legit way you can make your cash online using your mobile phone.

But you need to understand what exactly The Ranger App is before taking a step to download it.

What’s this The Ranger App all about?

The Ranger App is a personal security mobile app that give the security agents, medical agencies, your family members and friends alerts when ever you’re in danger. On it is a big Help me! Button on the front page of the mobile app. It works in the sense that if someone click on it, it will send immediate alert to everyone about your current security situation including the app forum app forum page and at the same time send the location of where you are.

Below is the screenshot of The Ranger App

make 20,000 Naira monthly online in Nigeria

You know I’ve been telling you to be smart using your mobile phone. Some rascals are abusive using their mobile phone for cybercrime while some good guys are making cool money in a legitimate manner using their mobile phone. And if you don’t forget I’ve advice you to start mini importation business because I’ve highlighted ways you can make money with this business in Nigeria.

How can i download The Ranger App?

The Ranger App can be downloaded from their official website or you quickly go to Google play store, type The Ranger App on the search button and select the one with the same front image with the screenshot provided above.

Three different ways to make 20,000 Naira monthly in Nigeria

Below I’m going to be listing out 3 different ways to make money online with this mobile App.

Redeem Ranger points

On this App, there’s something called Ranger points which you earn whenever you render help using Help me! Button or you act as a ranger on the Apps’s forum. So by that you would be compensate with some ranger points which accumulate over time to become what you can cashout.

Advert referral bonus

Another very easy way to make money using this App is to recommend Ranger App to small scale business personnel to advertise their products. You get reward for all the clients you refer to them.

Promote and sell your products

You see, this is part of the reason why i keep telling you to start online importation business, had it been you’ve start this mini importation business idea now this is another opportunity to sell off your product without paying a dim and you will actually make sales because there are many members using this App. If you’d like to start this business click here


The main purpose of this App is to alert the security forces, medical Agents about danger someone is facing. But i as a person who like to make everything possible to be monetize think about how to make 20,000 Naira monthly in Nigeria as extra cash using your mobile phone.

Let me know your thought in this article by leaving your comment below.

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  • I truly love your website.. Excellent colors & theme. Did you build this site yourself? Please reply back as I’m hoping to create my very own website and would like to find out where you got this from or what the theme is named. Thanks!

    1. Yes Sir, this is even the least website we’ve built so far. You can reach me WhatsApp for the list of website we’ve laid hand on.

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