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A Clarion Call Against Social Exclusion of ILORIN SOUTH Local Government in Kwara State Affairs.

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A Clarion Call Against Social Exclusion of ILORIN SOUTH Local Government in Kwara State Affairs.

By: OLUWATOYIN Luqman Bolakale

Social exclusion is the process in which individuals are blocked from (or denied full access to) various rights, opportunities and resources that are  normally available to members of a different group, and which are fundamental to social integration and observance of human rights within that particular group (e.g., housing, employment, healthcare, civic engagement, democratic participation, and due process).
Ilorin south is a local government in Kwara state with its administrative headquarters located in Fufu town. It is a small local government in Kwara state. The local government is bordered by Ifelodun and Ilorin east local government areas.
The people of Ilorin south majors in occupation like tailoring, carpentry and welding. Some publicly and privately owned institutions, hotels, industries and banks are situated in the local government area.
the council covers the districts of Akanbi, Bologun-Fulani, Okaka and Oke-Ogun.
Ilorin South Local Government is bless in all capacity a local Government can proud of, Ilorin South Local Government houses almost all the State and Federal Government Offices in the State with about 26 Government Offices, 71 Secondary Schools both private and Public in which best 10 Secondary Schools one can think of is Located in the Local Government, with almost 246 Health center.
Don’t let me bore you with talks about the Local Government but at the same time to let the public see the beauty of the Local Government and open the eyes of those concern to risk face by the local Government due to Social Exclusion,
My write up is not based on  past political appointment alone in the State or federal but about the future of the upcoming generation where I also belong, to start from the Public office holder in the State, Ilorin South Local Government is Socially excluded when it comes to the issue of appointing Public Office holder from the state Ministries, You can even count in numbers those that occupied high ranked  position in the State Ministries from the Local Government because they are few compare to other Local Government Areas in the State down to Junior cadet, most of Youth in the Local Government find it difficult to get employed into state Ministries because we don’t have people at the Top Position to influence our ways into the system.
In the Educational sector,  having heard of different names heading tertiary institution in the State, I find it so hard to see names of Ilorin South indigene as heard of Tertiary institution even with those that was on the Soil of the Local Government, to God be the glory, the Local Government is coming of age gradually by producing Young Professors in their various field of studies against the reason why we are Social Excluded in terms of Education in Ilorin South, as a wake up call to those concerns , having people that are qualified already even though they are few that should give the Local Government an important to be allowed to head tertiary institution and to his grace, part of the two owned Tertiary institution Head is Vacant presently ( Kwara State University and Kwara State Polytechnic), it will be a great thing to start having the feeling that we are part of the System not Socially excluded from the System.
The state is about to be transmitted into a new administration, Ilorin South played a major role in the electioneering process that about a new change in the System, We at Ilorin South Youth Coremate making a Clarion Call to the new Administration not to dwell on the mistake on the past Administration in making Ilorin South felt Socially excluded from the state as the Leadership of Youth Coremate in Local Government will not in anyway keep quiet in fighting both closely and openly for our people not to be Marginalized.
On the recent issues of State House of Assembly member elect, representing the Local Government at the State House of Assembly, having received complaint from various quarters on the issues, Ours is not political organization but we called on the Party Concerned to look into the issue before it get out of Control.
*We at Ilorin South Youth Coremate called the attention of various Youth Association in Ilorin South Local Government with the likes of IEDPU Youth wing, Balogun Fulani Youth Development, Asunara Youth Development Association,Okeogun Progressive Forum,Okaka Youth Forum, Akanbi Youth Forum,Edun Progressive Minded forum and the likes to join us in bringing back Sanity to Ilorin South Local Government.*

God bless Ilorin South Local Government
God bless Ilorin Emirates
God bless Kwara State.
God bless Nigeria.

OLUWATOYIN Luqman Bolakale

The Convener Wake up Call Against Social Exclusion of Ilorin South Local Government and Coordinator Ilorin South Youth Coremate.

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