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How to check Airtel number on Your Phone (2020 USSD code)

Hey guys! Today i am going to teach you how to check Airtel number on your smartphone with 3 simple tricks which i know you would surely like.

Have you ever been in a situation whereby you would want to give someone your digit but unfortunate you do not know it offhand? It sounds somehow telling people you don’t know your number offhand.

Especially if you see a pretty babe you would like to toast and your not with your mobile phone then you wish to have her digit. Upon approaching her she you to call your number that she gonna give ya a call.

It’s a great bullshit not knowing your phone number offhand especially if you are a Airtel user. Thankfully, there is solution for you. This simple tricks i’m going to reveal will guide you on how to check airtel number.

How to check airtel number on your phone using USSD

Here are simple trick that solve how to check airtel number on your phone using USSD code:

  • Dial *121# from your phone dialer
  • Select manage my account from the list
  • Select my number to check your airtel number

Dial *121# from your phone dialer – How to check airtel number

This is the simplest method on my list of how to check airtel number in this blog post. In fact, it’s as simple as checking your available airtime on your phone.

Now head to your phone dialer, then dial this simple USSD code *121# 

how to check airtel number

Then dial the code. If you are using a dual sim phone, make sure you select the on with Airtel sim card enabled. upon dialing, it will pop up the details in the screenshot below.

Select manage my account from the list – How to check my Airtel number

On the list you will see many options provided but you would only need to select the option 3 which is MANAGE MY ACCOUNT.

This option would take you to another options where you can easily check your airtel phone number with just one click more.

Select MY NUMBER option from the list to check your airtel number

how to check airtel number

From the above screenshot, you see what on the forth list? That is, ‘MY NUMBER’ good! Just select number 4 from the list and it will pop up another options.

How to check my airtel number

Yeah! The next thing you will see on your phone screen is your original and authentic Airtel number. Screenshot it if you are using android device or kindly write it down somewhere.

How to check your Airtel number using USSD code?

To check your Airtel number using USSD code kindly follow the simple steps above or your check the summary up below:

  • Kindly Dial *121# from your smartphone dialer
  • Select manage my account from the list
  • Select my number to check your airtel number
  • Then your phone number will pop up.

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You can write it somewhere, but if you are using android device then you may screenshot it and try and save it to your phonebook.


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How to check my Airtel number using Airtel App

So guys, to check your airtel number using MY AIRTEL APP you would need to navigate Playstore then type ‘my airtel app’ in the search bar or follow this link to download my airtel app from Playstore.

Upon successful download, take time to register with your Airtel phone number. Then after the registration was successful your airtel phone number will automatically displayed for you.

Call Airtel customer care

The last option on my list here is for you to call Airtel customer service. This can done as follow:

  • Log to your phone dialer then dial 111 or 121
  • Change your language to English then select the option that says speak with a customer rep.
  • When they pick it, tell them straight up that you want them to help you send your number as a text message.
  • You receive your airtel phone number as text message!

This method is very effect and really solve the question “how to check Airtel nmber”

Conclusion on how to your Airtel number – How to check airtel number

I think with all i have provided above i have answered your question on how to check airtel number? Let me know if any of these methods does’t work for you but i’m pretty sure it would.

What are your thoughts on these simple guide on how to check your Airtel number? Kindly share out to all Airtel users you have on your list!


Coin Master Hack is all this topic about. You know not everyone loves sitting idle without doing anything; some catch their fun by playing games, and some love doing something interesting that will make them busy at least for the central time.

One of the exciting games that people love playing today is the Coin Master, and the funniest thing is that this game is taking the leading position on the download stores, this was not farfetched from the fact that people love this game. But some things limit most players on this game. This game worked with coin, you can use the coin to redeem life while on the verge of losing, some wish to get this game but the coin is always for sale, and not everyone loves buying coins with their money.

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What you need to get this trick done is a cracked version of Coin Master, we will provide the link to download this version shortly. This Coin Master Tool Spin unlimited coins to your account the moment you download it and do the basic set up. Below is the link to download this software.

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This software is not capable of just giving you free coins, but it is developed to provide you with the ability to replenish your coins whenever you exhausted it by just clicking on the button, and your coins will be replaced without any stress or request for any money to procure this coins.

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  • Benefit Of Using Coin Master Hack

As impressive this game is, many users all over the world who have downloaded this application are limited to perform different stunt they want to achieve and also to new users who are still learning with this application.


So this Hacked Version Of Coin Master gives all users a platform to get enough coins to carry out whatever they wanted to do on this game without been restricted by coins or country currency conversion in purchasing coins.

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  • How Do You Use Coin Master Hack?

Using this application is not something difficult to both pro and those that are new to the hacking world. Just follow us steadily as we give you all you need to do and how to do it.

The first thing is, copy that link we provided up there, paste it in your browser, this link will take you to the page you will generate these coins, all you have to do is provide your username after this then spin the coins into your account.

Please do take note; you have to supply the correct username and other required information to avoid getting Hacked Coins to another account that has the information you are provided.

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  • Standard Coin Master Game Without Hack

This game has been around for quite a while just that it is gaining a more substantial audience recently. This game commences its platform in the year 2010, but since June 2018 Moon Active which is the owner of the game upload dynamite on YouTube which has set everyone downloading the game, no one has the idea of this game in the past years, but it has gained wider audience recently.

This game works just precisely the way Slot Machine works, you get game to play a virtual game, and you will be rewarded on every game you won, with the name you should know what the game is all about already.

Also in this game, you will see a building that is allotted to you, and it looks obsolete and arcade, after you play this game, you get coins that will help you developed your game, as much as coins you get so is the opportunity given to you to build your village.

Also, you can be rewarded with raid and attacks which will give you the ample opportunity to raid other people’s villages and then use it to develop your town. This game is an exciting game; you can also play alongside family, friends, and relations even challenge them, this will keep you busy and get you to carry away and forget anything that may want to distract you for a moment.

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This game is integrated with Facebook and other social media, this will allow you to see your friends playing this game, and you can do well by challenging them to a contest. You can as well invite that your friend that is yet to be on this platform to get alongside with you. Your friends can also share with you some of their rewards to develop your village.

  • Coin Master Hack Tool Download 2020

You see, not everyone wished to expend their hard-earned money on gaming, some play the game for just the fun of it, so here is the list again of the site you can generate free tools and spin an unlimited number of coins for you to continue your game. For a newbie that is still learning if you do not get all you read here, read again and try it until you get to the root and you become master in it. Remember, it is free without paying a dime. Remember it is fun getting coins to build your village, raid other town and many exciting things that this game has to offer.

Coin Master is an exciting and unique game that you can play whenever you want on your mobile gadget. The game is free to play and incorporated some in-game features which demand you to spend money. This is the main reason why Coin Master Hack APK and Coin Master Hack App Download Free are searched for on the internet. The game lets you spin the wheel and get plenty of rewards which can be fostered using Coin Master Free Spins Link no Verification 2020.

Nonetheless, it is paramount to play the game strategically to make faster progress. The game is developed by “Moon Active,” and it is played on Android and iOS devices. The game also features Coin Master Hack Lost World 2001. This has made us focus our writing on Coin Master Hack APK 2020 and all you need.

Coin Master Hack APK 2020

Coin Master is the most time passing Casual Game for Android or IOS Devices. This game is based on the world of Pirates, Hippies, Kings, and Warriors, including Coin Master Hack Lost World 2001. Coin Master Game is based on Spins. When you install this game for the First time, then you will get five spins, and after five turns, you can’t do more spins. Coin Master Game offers you just 5 Spins every hour. In Coin Master Hack APK, you will find a lot of additional features. With Coin Master Hack App Download Free, you will also get the functionality of Unlimited Spin. Yes, you can spin unlimited time for hitting the Jackpot. When you get Lot of Coins by Using Spins, then you can use your Millions of Coins to build your village.

  • How to play Coin Master

Coin Master is not a tedious but straightforward game. Once you complete all registration and begin to play for the first time, you will be given a village, and you are required to make houses, statues, gardens, pet houses, and many more things by using coins. You have to spin to get coins, and if you are lucky, you get more coins in spins.

Features of Coin Master Hack:

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With Coin Master Hack Version Download 2020, you will get a feature called “Unlimited Spin.” Also, Coin Master Hack Version Download 2020 has an Unlimited Spins feature with which you can do more than five spins every second. It means you can do Unlimited Spins in the Coin Master game. You see that you don’t have to wait a long time to get spins that will fasten your game experience. To get Coin Master Hack Version download 2020 visit (https://letrons.org/coin-master-mod-apk-download/ or https://apkmody.io/games/coin-master.html) these websites preferably on your mobile device.

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Similar to coin master hack version download 2020 is another thing you need to do in this game will be to collect all available cards as you enjoy it. This new Coin Master Hack No Survey you will bring all Coins and necessary Spins. You will see that it offers you the possibility to obtain all the features of the space of a few seconds. All you have to do is enter your data so that the latter is add the functionality needed in a few seconds. It will work well on any of your iOS devices and Android the same that you.

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Coin Master Free Spins Link No Verification 2020

Coin Master Free Spins Link No Verification 2020 is a new working cheat for Coin Master free spins under the updated anti-cheat game. You probably heard that the game had updated its anti-cheat, but the developers of cheats also do not sleep and release a new version of the Coin Master Free Spins Link No Verification 2020. This cheat functionality is similar to other tricks on our site, but this hack is working and relevant, and the old methods are now irrelevant.

You can visit the links below and follow the instructions to download Coin Master Free Spins Link No Verification 2020

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The Coin Gamecc Pw Hack makes it easy that you can necessarily get an unlimited amount of free Coins and Spins for Coin.gamecc.pw inside just with 3 minutes of time and minimal time at practically all.

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You don’t need to pay; this is free of charge. Also, you don’t need to waste time downloading any peculiar software.

The Hack Tool for Coin Gamecc Pw works for Android, iOS, and Facebook which you want to use before using the generator.

You have a lot of points of interest in the game by utilizing the Coin.gamecc.pw Tools and a large number of regular gamers get their assets (cheats and hack) from Coin.gamecc.pw.

There is certainly not an enormous mystery behind the utilization of this Hack Tool, and most gamers are doing as such. You will find at last dominate in each circumstance you can reach inside the game and contend with all the master gamers.

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  • gamecc.pw hack current version (updated version).
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  • No Download Needed. Simple but Worked.

Note: Visit https://pokegotuga.com/hack/coin-gamecc-pw to access coin.gamecc.pw

Requirements for Downloading Coin Master Hack APK

To download Coin Master Hack APK, you need to know these requirements.

  1. Allow the installation for all unknown application (go to your phone setting > security > unknown sources) and tap to allow.
  2. After installing the Coin Master Hack APK, allow all permission of this game because the Coin Master Hack APK use your system processor
  • Importance of coins Master HAck

As the name of the game infers, the game is about becoming into a coin ace that is beyond the realm of imagination without winning medals. Players need to focus on earning coins in the game. The coins are the essential cash of the game. The coins are required for various purposes in the game so you should attempt to gain an ever-increasing amount of coins. You can utilize coins to develop new structures and furthermore to update them. There are a few openings present that can likewise assist you with earning coins effortlessly.

You can gain the number of coins based on the result of the spin on the slot machine. There are some different techniques for winning coins, and you have to look at them. Numerous players are utilizing Coin Master Hack to get the ideal number of coins.

Utilizing Coin Master Hack APK and following tips will enable you to develop faster. There are such numerous tips and tutorials accessible to you on the web. However, none of them will get you fully running. You need to follow the tips and advice and do everything. This may require a significant period to advance, however, ensure you follow discretely every one of the tips. I trust this article will assist you with working effortlessly and become the best player ultimately.

Conclusion On Coin Master Hack 2020, Coin master Hack APK 2020 – Free Unlimited Coins

So far so good, we have given you all you need to know, and how to go about this hack, you as well give it a Trier and help a friend that needs this tutorial. We also appreciate your view, your comments, your contribution, you can share this tutorial with friends on social media, allow them to enjoy what you have to stumble upon online. So we are expecting your comments.

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NETFILM – Best place to Watch TV Shows Online, Watch Movies Online

Netfilm is an online video streaming website where you can easily stream series of movies.

The site offers exactly what the popular netflix offers. But what differs is just on the aspects of subscription plans. Their plans are as follows:

  • The Basic plan.
  • Standard
  • And the Premium plan.

and their features are as follows:

Netfilm Basic subscription plan

The Netfilm basic subscription plan is the cheaper plan among all their plans. With as low as 300 Naira, you will gain access to watch all the latest movies across the globe.

This subscription last for 30 days. meaning you will have 30 days (1 month) access to watch latest movie of your choice.

But the major issue with this plan is that you can only watch movie online, you won’t be able to download it to your local drive.

This plan is good when you sort of cash and you wish to watch latest movie.

Standard subscription

Netfilm standard subscription is also nice, you gain access to the portal to watch latest movie online with as low as 700 Naira for 30 days.

But the different between this standard plan and the basic one is that, you can easily download from the portal to your local drive without any stress,

Also you would be able to save offline for later watch.

The Premium plan

Oh my God! Are you looking for a way to stay watching unlimited movie online? if yes, this plan is for you.

On this plan, you will subscribe with 1,500 and gain 3 months access to watch and download latest movies from netfilm to your computer or mobile phone.

This plan is the best. Despite the low charges offers by Netfilm, you would get to download any movie as you want.

In as much as have a data connection, you are good to stream any series you want.

Right now, Netfilm is doing free 7 days access for everyone, what are you still waiting for? Join now to enjoy streaming your latest movie.

This is an online video streaming website that is aimed to provide its users with latest movies, series and lots more! visit https://netfilm.com.ng to know more about the website.
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It is no more a news that some people still search the internet WHAT IS UPWORK or HOW DOES UPWORK WORK. Well it’s better to do more research on what you have no knowledge about than being an ignorant.

There was a time my client offered me a job to build him a business website in which he can use to sell recharge card (Airtime) data bundle, pay online bills and lot more. As a tech man, though I never build something of such before but I had to do real time research and look for how it is been built.

After so many researches, I got to know how it works and what I need to execute the job. I tried it and it worked well wow! I got Impressed and since then I never understimate online research.

Internet is a crucial tools you need to master if you want to succeed your goal. I told you about my past because I want you to take online research more serious.

So for you to ask the internet WHAT IS UPWORK or another sort of question like HOW DOES UPWORK WORK is a great move to start your online freelance mission and it makes things easy for because the internet will tell you all what you need to get started as a freelancer on upwork and make you good money.

Without no ado, let me walk you through how does upwork works and what upwork is all about. So today you will learn everything about upwork and I’m pretty sure this will ginger you to start making money on upwork.

In this blog post I will be explaining from scratch what is upwork and how does upwork work.

What is Upwork?

what is upwork and how does upwork work

Upwork which was formerly known as Elance-oDesk is a worldwide platform where by business personnel and independent professionals meet and work remotely. This platform has been on existence for decade bearing Elance-oDesk, but in the year 2015 it was rebranded and named to be upwork.

This great platform has helped lots of people globaly. Right from 2003 that the platform was created, independent professionals have take the advantage to make figure8 remotely.

The brain box behinde this platform is Hayden Brown (CEO) while Thomas layton is the chairman. Upwork is a registered organization based in Carlifornia, United states.

As at the time of writing, this platform (upwork) has fifteen million registered freelancers and also seven million registered clients.

By now you should understand what upwork is all about and that answered to your question; what is upwork. But as an expert in this game, let me give you more information on what upwork is all about.



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If you ever dream of working remotely then upwork should be your plug. This platform is of two parts which are;

I want to work section and I want to hire section.

As a professional in your field, that wishes to make cool money on Upwork, you would need to create work account. That is, you would choose I want to work while processing your registration.

For example let’s say I’m a professional writer and I wish to participate in Upwork to make extra money online then I will log to their official website (www.upwork.com) and select get start then you should I WANT TO WORK as your option.

This will make your account a freelancer account and help you to connect with those who need your services.

What is upwork and how does upwork work

I hope you get it right? Good! Let’s take a look at HOW DOES UPWORK WORK and we round up.

How does Upwork work?

There is nothing bad asking how does upwork works, but getting the right information should be your utmost concern. What I will be revealing to you today is 100% correct and you rarely come across article like this on the internet.

After knowing what is upwork or what upwork is all about, I know your next move would br how you can make money from upwork platform.

No don’t take step like that, you need to know and understand how upwork works before proceeding to making money from the platform.

Now how does upwork works?

Upwork works in the sense that you as a business person go along to upwork.com post a certain work you need professional/expert in that field to work out for you.

After posting the work, a freelancer will apply and you reach an agreement but the platform management will serve as a middle man in between you and the freelancer you wish to offer the job.

After successful work the freelancer will able to cash out the money and you write a review about what he/she have done for you as work.

Likewise if you’re a freelancer that wish to stream across upwork and make reasonable amount of money;

You would need to choose I WANT TO WORK while registering your account. This will let you to select 10 good skills you can handle very well and after successful approval you will be able to submit a proposal for any job you see on the platform.

Upwork will start reviewing your account immediately you submit your profile and it take 24hours for them to review your account.

Though as an expert in this field, there is a way to bypass this 24hrs review and get instant approval within minutes. At times it’s instant approval (within seconds)

We can help you with instant approval and still give you some hints to win your first job. But this is not a free work, though we charge as low as N3,000 (5 Dollars) wow! All these for that price? Yes its in our plan to help others make money online.

Upon successful approval, you need to set personalize profile to your area of expertise. You would be given free 20 connects to bid for a work.

Now this is it, every job posted on upwork has total number of connect you can use to apply and ounce you submit a work proposal, the number of your connect reduces.

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Meaning that connects would be very essential and serves as a fuel to your account. The whole thing is very sweet, I won my first job a month after I submitted proposal. I’ve even lose hope until I saw I’ve been granted the job.

So you need to be smart, patient and hardworking. If properly managed, you can earn $1000 weekly or even more.


Apart from the fact that upwork makes you more money, it also give you more insight and build you up in your chosen skills.

When I first heard of upwork, I thought it was a scam or scammers platform but when I gave it a trial I found out the beauty.

Like you can see above, I’ve explained what upwork is and how does upwork works. So the rest is left to you to make a reasonable move.

Don’t forget we can help you with upwork account approval, also we sell already approved upwork account at an affordable price ($10/ N3,000)

This is how we work;

You firstly need to chat with us on whatsapp or you send us a mail message to Newlygist@gmail.com

Tell us if you would want to buy already approved account or we should work on your own.

If you preferred a new account, you would need to send the following details to us:

  • Your full name as appeared on your bank account.
  • A clear passport of you.
  • Your home address
  • Your preferred skills
  • Phone number and email address.
  • Your state of residence and the city.

That’s all and you get your account approved 30 minutes after we reached agreement.

If you would want payment after the work option then we charge 5k and we send you a screenshot of your approved account.

What are you still waiting for? Kindly contact us for more details.

What are your thoughts on this great insight on how does upwork work and what is upwork? Don’t forget to share this to share with friens and family!



Howdy, I know if you’ve read about how to create a blog and now I’m presenting to you how to make money with your blog.

Creating blog isn’t the problem but what most people still lacking in blogging today is how to make money on blogging.

Many blogs has been abandoned due to the reason that they are not making cool money as they like.

Would you ever leave a blog that is fetching you upto 50,000 naira monthly? Though 50k is small but atleast is something.

Without much discussions, I’ll be diving into the main point. Why are you here? You want to make cool money online as a blogger.

But before I proceed I’ll like to share my experience on blogging with you.

My name is Abdulmaleeq Omotosho, undergraduate student at university of Ilorin.

I started my blogging career with the popular dot blogspot domain, I choose to attend many blogging online and finally I got to know about wordpress platform.

That’s where I’ve known that if someone is serious about blogging you shouldn’t even go for .blogspot domain name. Even if you’d like to host your blog on blogger platform you should try to buy premium domain name.

I think I’ve told you about domain name in the previous class? Good!

In the course of my research I got to know that many people have abandoned their websites because they don’t make money with it.

Well today you gonna learn 7 different ways to make cool money online with your blog.

Let’s just dive into the main point and see the seven different ways as promised.

How to make money with your blog

Below are the 7 different ways to make money blogging:

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sponsored Advert
  4. Sell Digital Products
  5. Sell Membership on your blog
  6. Use it as a Content Marketing Tool for Your Business.
  7. Media.net

Now let’s take a look at these one after the other.

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a type of advertisement network owned by google, and is often considered as the best contextual advertising network because its very simple to setup.

You would be given an html code which you will need to place on your html gadget and ads will start showing.

How does Google AdSense work?

Google AdSense works in the sense that you place ads unit on your website page and Google rewards you for every click or views you receive.

How much can i earn with 1000 views?

There is something called impression in AdSense, this is the total number of page views you have on your AdSense account.

Although, the best way is for you to have click on your AdSense account which google count as (cost per click)Apart from CPC, you will also earn from your CPM ad impressions.

Irrespective of any niche, the average CPM earning is $1 to $1.5 per 1,000 impressions. You can make $40 to $60 per day from 40,000 page views.

Can I make living with Google AdSense?

Why not, you can really make living with Google AdSense. According to what I’ve seen and believed, lots of people are making bastard money on social media with Google AdSense.

Examples are :Linda ikeji who is a founder of lindaikejisblog. This lady start blogging around 10 years back, she have achieved alot of things with this Google AdSense.Another example is Makinde Azeez, the founder at Naijaloaded.

This guy also make shii with Google AdSense. In short sha, if you really a serious one even though you choose to run partime blogging, you can can make good money.

Can i have multiple AdSense account?

No you are not permitted to have multiple AdSense account but some folks still manage to get more than two AdSense account.

This is how they do it;

They create a new blog, do every necessary stuff and apply with another gmail account and also provide another bank details that is different from their previous one.

But when Google AdSense get to know this they ban the account immediately and this can result in having non account again.

So it is advisable to maintain just account and put all the possibility effort to increase your earnings.

How To Join Google Adsense Program?

To join AdSense program, you need a email address. You know there are many email addresses website,

but this time around we only need google mail account which is also known as gmail. If you don’t have any you can get it here

The next step is to signup for AdSense account on their main website using that new gmail account you just created,

fill in all what they requested for and make sure you don’t type in wrong information because if you do so, you will have problem verifying your account.

If you don’t want to stress your self, you can leave it for expert to help you out with it. You can reach me on whatsapp, I charge affordable price.

2. Affiliate Marketing To make money with your blog

Another way to monetize your WordPress website is something called Affiliate marketing. This is my best way of earning cash through blogging.

I’ve been earning lots of thousand dollars on affiliate marketing for the past years. You also can earn big money if you plan it very well.

Literally, it is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

This work well by recommending products to your clients through your affiliate links.

“most of my earnings are from affiliate marketing, direct ad sales, and sponsored posts”

Also, wikipedia defined it as a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Affiliate marketing for WordPress website
Image from affiliatemarketertraining.com

But Toshmoney defined it as a performance based network where a person who shares an affiliate links get rewarded with some cash for each person that either make a purchase, signs up, or carries out some action the affiliate program requires through your link.

Am giving you all these definition so that you can know what affiliate marketing really is, because all what you will learn on affiliate program here today would be purely based on:

How you can make at least $1,000 monthly using affiliate marketing as google AdSense alternative for bloggers and those want to make money online.

Google Adsense on the other hand is one way to make money online, but it largely involves you having a very high traffic before any reasonable returns can be made.

Below are some list of affiliate program you can join now with that your WordPress website that pay fast :

Apart from engaging in affiliate marketing of the above links, you can also invite people to join their affiliate program and you earn some amount for inviting your friends to join their affiliate program.

The secret behind affiliate marketing is that you need to write good/quality content, because you don’t expect those that didn’t gain anything from your article to buy things you recommend for them.

You must be informative!

To learn more on how to operate all these, kindly visit this link!

Sponsored posts are articles that a blogger or website owner is paid to publish on their website by companies, blogger in the same niche and brand related.

The sponsored posts is otherwise called guest post. People from your niche would contact you for sponsored posts when they see you’re driving in lots of traffic on your blog.

Sponsored post for WordPress website

Image from shoutmeloud.com

And the best way to earn from sponsored posts is to rank well on google search engine, and have articles that worth imformative. A well details one.

How Can I Find Companies That Will Pay For Sponsored Post?

To find sponsors who are willing to pay for posts and reviews on your website or blog, you should start with small scale brands and companies.

Another good source of sponsors is to promote local business. Talk to local business personnel around you, highlights the advantages behind using digital marketing for their products.

Let them know they will over throne their competitors if they can make use of internet to advertise their products and services.

You can also get sponsors is by the use of sponsorship market website like cooperatize, payperpost, sponsored Reviews etc.

They all can find you sponsors by performing a middleman function, leaving you to concentrate on the writing.

4. Start Selling Your Own Market On Your blog

Another great way to make money after you:ve create a WordPress website is to start selling your products and services.

How to start selling on your WordPress blog

It just work well when you’re getting all your traffic from search engines because this ll show your website is well known.

If you’re an active reader of this blog, you should have come across my article where I’ve gave a detailed explanations on how to start mini importation business in Nigeria.

You can start mini importation business as your side hustle business together with your blog.

But to make good sales, you need to write review article on those products and services you’re selling and recommend your readers to buy from you by stating out some vital reasons.

Just try and start one small businesses.

5. Sell Digital Products.

What are digital products? These are things you can deliver online through your blog.

One of the best way I’m making cool money online is digital products.

I have lots of clients in many countries which am working for, these clients am talking about give me work to do online and I earn money in replace.

What are the works they gives me?

Firstly you need to define your own niche before you can start monetizing through this method.

Like for example you can create website very well, people will contact you for this work and pay you for it.

How do you get clients? Its very simple, the best way to come across this is by writing article on website related topics. Like for example:

You can decided to write how to make money online then you add blogging to your list and give reason why you want your readers ti start a blog.

From here you ask them to pay you for the work.

I think you get it right? That’s how it works.

6. Sell Membership on your blog

Do you known what is called membership in blogging? Probably NO!

This is another method in which bloggers make money through their blogs. Some bloggers don’t like google adsense and others they only want to make cool money.

To create a membership website you’d need what is called membership plugin. This is a wordpress plugins that really work for membership functionality.

You can as well use Buddypress plugin. I think I’ve teach you how to install a plugins on wordpress? If you still don’t understand you can follow this link to know more.

7. Work on freelancing webscom

These are website where you work for money. What type of work do they offer?

They offer series of work, but the most expensive work you can get there is Blogging.

As a blogger you can make figure 8 on these website.

Below are list of freelance websites where you can make good money.

  • Www.upwork.com
  • Www.freelancer.com
  • Www.fiverr.com

You just need to signup there and start bidding for work.

How To Promote Your New WordPress Website On The Internet?

There are many ways you can promote your new WordPress website, but I’ll only list out the best one here:

  • Social media
  • Email lists
  • Guest post
  • Social media

You can promote your blog on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, and so many more. All you need is to sign up and create account then start working on it.

  • Email lists

If you could remember, I mentioned WPForms as one of the essential WordPress plugins, so you need to install it right away and get everything ready to collect user data, create email lists and send them email link on the new post you just published.

  • Guest Post

This is another way to promote your new website on the internet, it work in a superb way. You reach out to bloggers in your niche and beg them for backlinks or you should write them a comprehensive article and link it to your new website.

If their readers enjoy the article, they might become your reader as well.

You can also watch the video below for further learning on how to create a WordPress website


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How long is milk good after sell by date

4 Rules Of Essential Marketing Strategies For Your E-Commerce Business


4 Rules Of Essential Marketing Strategies For Your E-Commerce Busines
As e-commerce software application services make their method to the marketplace, service enterprises are considering chances to tap the export market.

The development of the web and the World Wide Web have actually been fantastic motorists of globalization. This presumes a higher significance in the context of worldwide trade. Considered that the web and the World Wide Web deal direct exposure of a company to a varied worldwide audience, there are latent chances to offer more and offer much better not just in the domestic markets, however in the abroad markets also. While there are legal and regulative structures that serve as barriers to trade, innovation drives the open market. E-commerce software application services can allow the business to display their offerings and offer their services and products to a worldwide audience and hence enhance profits like numerous Shopping sites in Pakistan. In fact e-commerce software application advancement business can open covert entrances to the export market and allow organization enterprises to combine their abroad service portfolio.

1. Produce Original Content
The initial step in establishing an e-commerce site is producing the material for it. Producing premium and initial material will set you up for success due to the fact that it will resonate with your consumers in such a way that makes them wish to connect with you, buy from you, and preserve a following.
Be imaginative. Be initial.

Promoting initial material is an excellent method to make a declaration, strike an engaging concept, and make a mark on the user’s mind. There is a great line in between material that engages users and material that hinders them.
Why not take additional action, put in a little effort, and produce something that will be truly engaging?
2. Enhance your site design
After releasing your e-commerce website, it’s crucial to check your site’s design, language, and positioning of conversion components like numerous shopping sites in Pakistan. When consumers visit your site, you wish to make certain it’s simple and easy to take a look at– that they feel naturally inclined to acquire your items which it’s generously clear how to do so.
You must evaluate the language shown on your landing and item pages, the language in your conversion aspects, and even the tactical positioning of icons and components.
One actually awesome tool is Mouseflow– a totally free heatmap software application that exposes important patterns in client habits on your site. Among their most popular heatmaps, the motion heatmap exposes the most appealing parts of your site– based upon visitor motion information to your site.
3. Evaluating chance
The initial step to choosing to broaden your e-commerce sales abroad is comprehending whether individuals in other nations will purchase your item. Shannon Roddy, an Amazon professional with Marketplace Seller Courses, deals with small company owners and people wanting to find out more about how to broaden sales both locally and abroad. He stated business can attempt and examine market significance by doing top-level SEO and keyword research study, and after that thinking about the competitors within the market.
4. Fixed Content Site
Such a website produces sales by promoting business awareness instead of helping with online deals. Its function resembles that of a pamphlet; it supplies details about the services or product and contact details about how to proceed with a purchase. Due to the fact that the website is typically fixed and does not need the software application systems needed for online deals, it is more economical to create and keep than is the transactional website. A details shipment website is perfect for the business that market products or services that can not be offered online (e.g., Ford, Caterpillar).
A customized variation of the website allows the purchaser to go shopping online for the very best cost from completing suppliers that provide a similar item, such as authorized dealerships of Honda America. Details about choices readily available for a specific design allows the purchaser to picture the setup and to get an approximated rate for the automobile.

Source: https://weproms.com/

Blogging Seminar: Learn how to become a pro blogger


Are you ready to elevate this 2020?

In this year’s seminar I’ve planned to teach the followings:

How to create and design any type of websites(E-commerce store like Jiji, jumia, etc Business website, Ngo website, Entertainment blog, dropshipping website )

How to take blogging skill to the next level

How to start making money as a freelancer on freelancing websites and earn nothing less than $100 a week)

How to write a compelling article for your products.

Read Also: How to login to td AmeritradeHow to start appearing on search engines like Google, Bing and many others

How to outrank all your competitors

How to do keywords research for all niche

7 good ways to make money through your blog

Date: 📅 SATURDAY 25TH JAN, 2020

Amount to pay: 2,000 Naira

What are you still waiting for? Registration is ongoing already.

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Fundamentals of Poultry Production


In this article, you are going to learn the fundamental of poultry production on a basic stages.

The word poultry refers to birds of economic value to humans. Domestic fowl, chicken, Turkey, dock, goose, pigeon are typical examples of domesticated poultry while the non domesticated ones include ostrich, quail and pheasant.

The rearing of domesticated birds for the purposes of meat or egg production is the fundamental business of the science of poultry.

The organization involved may be a complex one encompassing hatchery, rearing, processing, storage and sometimes feed formulation.

Each of the poultry species, one way or the other, is of economic value to man. However the chicken is more famous and it is widely reared both on small and large scales.

The poultry species can be divided into light and heavy strains for the purposes of egg and meat production. All poultry breeds can be used for this purposes. The broilers and cockerels are usually kept for meat production while pullets (layers) are reared for egg production.

Management System on poultry production

Rearing environment of the birds is determined by the climatic condition, size of the flock, available facilities and the purpose of rearing. There are two broad management systems and they include the free range (extensive) and the confined (intensive)

Free range management

Birds kept under this system are given access to move freely around in search of feed during the day and may or not be provided with simple shelter during the night for the protection against predators and weather.

Birds not provided with shelter normally seek the nearby tree, available fences and uncompleted buildings to roost. This system may lead to ownership conflict, pilfering, predation and other forms of losses.

In some cases, the cock may stray away with a hen and the hen may lay her eggs and hatch them at unknown or odd places. Attempt to relocate the laying nest of the hen with her eggs sometimes leads to total rejection of the eggs.

The extensive system though quite losses, allows the birds free access to insects and grasses at liberty thus producing biological egg and meat. This system does not require additional cost and it is essentially the system that is common among the Nigerian populace.

In commercial extensive system however, coops are strategically located to house the birds at night.

Advantages of free ranges systems
  • It is cheap to maintain
  • Birds are more resistant to disease outbreak by the reason of large space.
  • Birds have advantage of greens and exposure to sunlight for Vitamin A and D respectively.
Disadvantages of free range system
  • Birds are exposed to predators
  • Birds are subjected to variation in environmental condition.
  • Growth, performance and mating of birds cannot be monitored.
  • No proper records of birds.

Confined management

The practice of confinement allows for additional housing and labour expenditures and it affords proper feeding, ease of management, disease control and record keeping. The housing and feeding schedule under this system are of two considerations: intensive and semi intensive system.

Intensive management

This system can be considered under two divisions: deep litter and cage systems. These two housing systems have a common building structure, but are different by the reason of what is within the house.

The general house building pattern for both systems include roof, ridge, wire mesh, dwarf wall foundation and foot dip.

Deep litter system of poultry house

Litters are absorbent materials that are put on the floor in the poultry house on which bird are kept. They include wood shavings, straws, grasses etc. In Nigeria, wood shavings are commonly used by reason of availability and absence of cost.

Birds kept on deep litters can move freely around the house. On top of the litters are feeders and drinkers to supply feed and water respectively to the birds. The birds feed and drink as they wonder around the house.

The deep litter system can be used for broilers, cockerels, pullets and layers.

What are your thoughts on this fundamentals of poultry production?

Keep checking back for the full version of this article.

How to Make Money as a College Student From Drop Shipping In Nigeria

If you ever want to know how you can make money as a college student using drop shipping in Nigeria as your option then this article might be of help to you.

Even if you’re not a student, yes this deal will let you make 6 -7 figures from dropshipping business in Nigeria.

Also if you already have a job but you’re not satisfy with your monthly/weekly earnings, I’m here to help you out.

What most of our youths don’t know is that, there are many ways they can actually make good money online without even defrauding people.

Let me ask you this question, why are Nigerian youths involving in a cyber crime? (Yahoo Yahoo)

Should we say it was because of the rate of unemployment in the country? Or they are lazy youths.

Or should we even say they lack informative knowledge. The fact remains that, majority of these youths are intelligent people who know how to twist things very well.

I still can’t forget the headlines i read from punch where the EFCC chairman said he’s going to recruit Yahoo boy.

The reason why he said so was that he know these people are very intelligent, some are university graduate and so on.

Some people go into cyber crime because they want to be using latest things, they want to satisfy their girlfriend, they want to drive the latest car their father can’t afford.

What’s happening Nigerians? When would this cyber crime leave Nigeria, is this the way we’re going to be using it till eternal?

I am not supporting government move against Yahoo boys because if they really want to eradicate cyber crime totally, then they should introduce other legit way for our youths to put food on their table.

Without further introduction, today I’ll be exposing you to Drop shipping in Nigeria. How you can make money as a college student.

Let’s start from here, what’s drop shipping in Nigeria and how can i make money from it in Nigeria?

What is Drop shipping in Nigeria?

How to make money as a college student from drop shipping in Nigeria

If you’ve been reading from this blog before i expect you should have had some knowledge about dropshipping as a whole. Though I’m still gonna explain deep here.

Dropshipping business is a business model where by you sell what you don’t have in store for your clients online through third party.

This is an untapped or we call it unchartered territories which most Nigerians are still yet to take advantages of.

[penci_video url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnWczHxtiHc&app=desktop” align=”center” width=”” /]

How does it work to make money as a college student?

Drop shipping in Nigeria works in the sense that you find a good reliable supplier, create a store, source your own clients, sell online and make your own profit.

In this business, you don’t need to have the product you’re promoting in your store and once the market come, you just need to contact your supplier, ship directly to your clients and remove your own gain/profit.

If you really serious about this business you can make more than $100 a day.

What are the risks behind this drop shipping in Nigeria?

Don’t be scared there’s no serious risk behind this drop shipping business in Nigeria because of the following reasons:

  1. You are not buying the goods before customer come (which means you don’t need to have it in store)
  2. You don’t need to have a shop before setting up this business.
  3. Drop shipping in Nigeria can be setup with zero capital, unless for the need of advert.

But how can i start the business?

If you continue to search the internet from now to eternal you can not come across free guide on dropshipping business. Why?

People won’t drop this for free because they know the true value of drop shipping business in Nigeria.

Meanwhile I’ve decided to help our youths and support federal government in fighting of cyber crime.

I’ll be dropping my blueprint/masterclass link where you can learn the complete solution guide on how to start your own drop shipping in Nigeria and start to make money as a college student.

Normally this tutorial worth 15,000 Naira but due to the state of economy in Nigeria and the promo I’m offering currently I’ve decided to slash the price to a chicken change of N3,000.

What you will gain after the class?

After you have successfully enrolled in this training, you will be able to do the following:

  • Create e-commerce store.
  • You will be familiar with drop shipping suppliers in Nigeria.
  • This would enabled you to know how to become a pro Facebook marketer.
  • You will be exposed to 10 lucrative dropshipping niche that sell fast in Nigeria.
  • You will be able to setup PayPal that send and receive money in Nigeria without using any VPN.

What are you still waiting for, all these for N3,000 only? Wow… Don’t miss this opportunity!

Start now before it is too late. By January 1st I’m going to take the price back to 15, 000.

How to make payment?

There are two ways to make payment which are;

1. Bank deposits/ Mobile transfer

2. Online payment gateway.

If you would like to use bank deposits/ mobile transfer option then follow the steps below.


Account Number: 0230219059

Bank Type: Gtbank

Account Name: Ismaheel Abdulmaleeq O.

Once you’ve successfully transfer the cash you can give a call 081-03-85-68-46 or mail us at Abdulmaleeqomotosho@gmail.com we’ll attend to you instantly.


If you’re a type that don’t like using mobile transfer or don’t have time going to bank this option is best for you.

What you only need is your ATM and make sure you have up to 3,000 Naira in your account then follow this link to make payment.

After you have successfully make your payment it will automatically direct you to where you can access your full masterclass.

Follow this link to use online payment gateway.

How Profitable Is Snail Farming In Nigeria

If you ever want to know how profitable is snail farming in Nigeria, then you create time to do some research. But thankfully all the research words has been solved here.

Are you planning to go into snail farming business in Nigeria? And you’re still having the fear losing.

Note that this article has been made to answer the question: is snail farming profitable in Nigeria and all related keywords.

How Profitable Is Snail Farming In Nigeria

Let’s start from the concept of snail farming.

What is snail farming in Nigeria?

Snail farming in Nigeria is a process where by you keep or rear snail in a large quantity for the purpose of reproduction.

A lot of people still don’t know the potential profit behind this business. They still have the believe that snail can only be pick in the Bush.

Though that’s the culture in the olden days. But now that things has changed, all those things we never thought it can be profitable are now making cool money.

Have you wonder why people rear snail? Is it only for consumption or for making money?

How about snail farming business in Nigeria?

This is a business model in which you build a pen for your snail and start rearing it in other to make money from it.

I’ve read lots of post on google where people talk about how they make millions from snail farming business in Nigeria.

Yes, i belief in their writeup because i know the potential profit behind this money making agribusiness.

It’s been a long time I’ve known how profitable is snail farming in Nigeria but I’ve not got time to write a good writeup like this.

What if i tell you snail farming is more profitable than fish farming in Nigeria? I know some people won’t still believe this.

But, I’ve decided to make some analysis that will surely convince your heart upon the topic: how profitable is snail farming in Nigeria.

Between snail farming and fish pond, which one is the best?

Though every business depends on how you plan it, but if both are well planned snail farming is more profitable than fish farming for the following reasons;

We can see that in nowadays fish pond business model, no one is rearing fish in other to reproduce again except of those who hatch fish eggs and that’s another business model entirely.

But if we can see in the snail farming, people rear snail in other to reproduce and attain some certain weight before they sell it out.

And according to my research, i was able to gathered that a snail can lay up to 500 eggs at a time and they have ability to lay egg 3 time in a year.

Which mean just only one snail can lay up to 1 million eggs in a year. Wow that’s really cool right?

But what if you have up to 100 snail at a start and they all lay up to 400 – 500 eggs at a time, how many snail eggs is that?

Do the calculation your self and see the beauty behind this business.

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Some people would say fish also lay numerous eggs. Yes i agree with that but do you even know not all fish can be use for hatching?

That’s where problem is, some people don’t know it is not all fish that can be use for hatching business. It has a specific fish that carry out that role.

Life span of a snail

It was recorded that snail can spend many years on earth even without feeding them. Have you ever experience this kind of scenario;

Where by you’ll be digging the soil and come across some piece of snail using something like leather to cover their mouth part?

That process is called aestivation. That moment in time, the snail are not active. Is not that they’ve dead but they are not active.

Another most important things you should know about snail farming business is that;

Unlike other farm animals, if you don’t give snail food a complete one or two weeks they won’t die. They will still be active, just that they may not attain certain weight with a feed ones.

And the cost of feeding snail is not too expensive. Though they tend to eat much food but their food composit is very cheap. Even there are some you can get for free.

Cost of starting snail farming business in Nigeria

If you’re planning to start a snail farming business in Nigeria on a large scale then you should be planning with 100 – 200k.

But if it’s a normal snail farming you want to set up, 50,000 naira is okay for a start.

What you should consider while setting up snail farming business in Nigeria are;

  • Availability of market.
  • Endure to have small skill about how snail can be reared.
  • Familiar with snail foods and what make them grow up quick.
  • Buy eBook if you can afford to.

How much can you earn from 1000 p

From my analysis above, I’ve made you clear that if you really plan your snail farming business you can realise up to 300 – 500 baby snail from a snail.

On a norms, if you want to sell snail for a buyer at wholesales price you can do it 100 naira or 200 naira per snail. Though it depends on the size.

And if you could realize 1000 piece of snail within 3 month that would give you 100,000 Naira.

Assuming you now realize 3,000,000 pieces of snail that would give you what? Please help me calculate it this money is becoming uncountable.

Can you now see rearing a snail is more profitable than setting up a fish pond?

Cost of setting up a snail house (pen)

How Profitable Is Snail Farming In Nigeria

There are many ways to setup snail house, but the most common one among the successful snail farmers is the normal digging of the soil by covering it with wire net.

With 20 thousands, you can set up a standard snail house (snail pen) that can contain more than 5000 thousands pieces.

After setting up snail house, what should be the next step? If you’d like to know more about snail farming business in Nigeria, then contact us for our premium eBook.

How lucrative is snail farming

The word lucrative and profitable are almost the same English meaning but people use it in a different ways.

Are you still wondering if snail farming is a lucrative business in Nigeria? After all this my analysis, I don’t think you should be thinking negatively.

You can always get update on how to start farming business in Nigeria at kwara agriculture nNigeria

You can also watch this video to know more about how profitable snail farming in Nigeria.


Conclusion on How Profitable Is Snail Farming In Nigeria

Without doubt, i hope you could able to figure out the main point in this article. Snail farming is very lucrative in Nigeria and other Africa country.

But the most problem all the snail farmers do encountered is availability of market which we’ve promised to include our premium snail farming business plan PDF.

What are your thoughts on How Profitable Is Snail Farming In Nigeria? Please kindly share out this text to other snail farmers you think this could help.